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Veteran Spotlight | Client Who Suffers Scarring Alopecia

Veteran Spotlight | Client Who Suffers Scarring Alopecia

One of our many services at Haute Hair is to cater to our VETERANS. On the front page of our online store, you might have run across “Haute Hair Rx” — however, if you have not, then let me explain!

HauteHair Rx is the division of Haute Hair that provides clients with customized Cranial Hair Prosthesis. Our Cranial Hair Prosthesis is specifically designed for patients who have lost their hair as a result of medical conditions or treatments, or any other clinical disease resulting in hair loss.

We understand that coping with hair loss can be quite challenging. HauteHair Rx will provide you with personalized service and attention from start to finish. If you are experiencing hair loss from alopecia, female pattern thinning, chemotherapy or radiation treatments, then our services are for you!

Our hair prosthesis contains a combination of fabrics and compounds that we use to recreate natural hair growth patterns. The materials used in our hair prosthesis are treated to resist oils, dirt, and body acids while providing maximum comfort.

One of our loyal veteran clients recently got serviced and we’d love to spotlight her today. 

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Here’s just a little something she had to say:

“I am a veteran who suffers hair loss with scarring Alopecia. If you know someone who suffers from hair loss due to chemotherapy, medication or any other scalp conditions please have them to contact their dermatology department and get a consultation to Haute Hair Salon, 820 H St, Washington DC, 202-341-9536. They offer medical cranial prosthesis for women veterans of color and all other hair types. Also they assist with hair restoration. Most importantly they support Vets and the hair units (cranial prosthesis) are FREE to Vets with consultations from their VA physicians.”

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We just LOVE when we can make a client feel happy and confident with their new hair + service! Are you a veteran or suffering any type of hair loss due to chemotherapy or another medical related issue? Well here’s how you can get started with our many services:

  1. Request a consult from your primary care doctor for a custom cranial prosthesis due to hair loss. Call HauteHair Rx for a free telephone consultation, and schedule an appointment for your personalized fitting of your custom hair system.
  2. Check with your insurance. Most insurance companies will cover 80% – 100% of your Cranial Hair Prosthesis.

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Need further assistance? Give us a call! Or book an appointment with us to ensure a smooth process. We are here to help!

Want to learn more about Scarring Alopecia? Visit WebMD — you may know someone who can benefit from our services! No matter the location.