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Beauty + Hair Tips | Creating The Perfect Haircare Regime

Beauty + Hair Tips | Creating The Perfect Haircare Regime

If your hair is looking a little dry, dull or tired, it’s time to do something about it. This easy step by step regimen will have your tresses shining and sparkling in no time.

Washing and conditioning your hair

Try to avoid washing your hair too frequently, especially if you blow-dry afterwards. Wash your hair every 2-3 weeks and use separate shampoo and conditioner. Wash shampoo out thoroughly and remove excess moisture from the ends. Run a small amount of conditioner through the tips and mid-layers.

Shop for products, which are designed for your hair length, color and type. You can buy all kinds of lotions and potions for straight, curly, frizzy, colored and fine hair. If you have secret hair extensions, it’s important to learn how to look after them. Ask your hairdresser for advice.

Treat your hair to a weekly conditioning treatment

If you’re a fan of facials to revive and rejuvenate your skin, why not show your hair some love? Conditioning masks are designed to reinvigorate and soften your hair. Expect beautifully soft, bouncy, glistening locks afterwards. You can visit a salon for your treatment or invest in a product to use at home.

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Heat protection

Before you dry your hair or use a heated styling tool, make sure you apply protection spray. This product will help to nourish your hair and reduce dryness and damage caused by high temperatures. There are all kinds of different brands around. Ask your stylist for advice if you’re not sure which product will suit your hair best. Try and avoid using the hottest setting on your hairdryer or straighteners to minimize breakage at the tips.

Heat from the sun can also damage your hair, so take care to wear a hat when you head off on holiday.

Book regular hair trims

If you have long hair, one of the best ways to keep split ends at bay is to have your hair trimmed on a regular basis. Try and aim to see your hairdresser every 6-8 weeks.

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Stay cool

Stress affects us all at some points, but if you can try and find ways of managing it effectively, this will pay dividends for your hair and your skin. Stress can make your hair look and feel weak and dry.

Use a natural brush

Natural bristles are gentler and kinder to your hair. When you are brushing, try not to tug at the roots and brush the ends very softly. If your hair is prone to tangles, use a detangling spray before you brush.

Eat well

A healthy diet is important for many reasons. As well as keeping your immune system in check, a balanced plan can also give you radiant, soft skin and glossy, strong hair. Foods that are particularly beneficial for your skin and hair include nuts, berries, olive oil and avocados.

Healthy hair can make you look and feel fantastic. Unfortunately, styling, lifestyle habits and environmental factors can take their toll. However, you can soon improve the look and feel of your hair. These top tips will help to revive tired and dull tresses and give you stronger, shinier locks for SUMMER!

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